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Looking for a fun family activity? If you’ve ever wondered how to make a finger puppet for kids, here is our easy-to-make idea. Get your empty tube of SMARTIES and start imagining all the colourful finger puppet crafts you can make with the kids. Here are a few simple instructions to get you started.

15 minutes

Video Tutorial

You'll need:

1 empty tube of SMARTIES®



Coloured Paper


Black Felt Tip Pen

Smart Tips to involve little Smarty pants

This finger puppet craft is the perfect activity for kids to be a part of. Let them choose the colour of the paper. They can even stick the eyes and mouth!

How to make a finger puppet craft for kids step-by-step

  1. 1

    Cut SMARTIES® Tube in half and cover each half in glue.

  2. 2

    Wrap coloured paper around each half, carefully cutting excess paper off.

  3. 3

    Carefully cut hexagons from the paper and stick on both ends of the tube (Draw around the end of the tube as a template).

  4. 4

    Draw 2 small circles on the white paper and cut them out. Draw the eyes on with a black felt tip pen.

  5. 5

    Also cut a mouth shape from the red paper.

  6. 6

    Stick both the eyes & mouth on the tube with glue.

  7. 7

    Put on your fingers and play!

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