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Let your kids imagination run wild with this cool theatre craft. Loads of fun to make and even more fun to use. Why not see what creative performances you can make to entertain the whole family and truly Unbox Your Imagination with the help of Smarties.

90 minutes

Video Tutorial

You'll Need:


Piece of Cardboard

1x Cardboard Box

Coloured Card

Egg Box




3x Pegs




Safety Scissors

4x Smarties Tubes


Thin Piece of Material (Stage Curtains)

4x Wooden BBQ Skewers


White Card

Smart Tips to involve little Smarty pants

Kids will love decorating the theatre and characters. Remember these are just example characters, why not let them make their own.


  1. 1

    The Trees
    Step one
    Wrap your smarties tubes in sting and glue into place, this will be your tree trunk.
    Step two
    Cut out your treetops in card, colour or paint and add buttons to decorate.
    Step three
    Glue your treetop to the trunk.

  2. 2

    The Rocket
    Step one
    Paint a smarties tube we chose dark blue.
    Step two
    Glue three buttons down the centre these will be your rockets windows.
    Step three
    Cut out the rocket top, wings and fire out of coloured card and glue to you Rocket.
    Step Four
    Add a stick so you can make your rocket fly!

  3. 3

    Space Man
    Step one
    Take  smarties tube and unfold it and trim it so it’s ¾ of the size, turn it inside out and glue back together with a hole in the top.
    Step two
    Paint it silver along with a peg and some arm shapes and glue it all together.
    Step Three
    Add glue to areas you want to decorate with glitter and draw on a face.

  4. 4

    The Fairy
    Step one
    Cut out the pointy parts from an egg box and paint.
    Step Two
    Wrap wool around your hand and secure with a knot and cut in to a long strip.
    Step three
    Add a face on to the top of a wooden peg and a push you painted egg box section on to your peg and add arms.
    Step four
    Glue your wool on to the top of the peg this will be the fairy’s hair.
    Step five
    Cut wings out of card and glue to the back of the fairy.
    Step six
    Decorate your fairy with glitter.

  5. 5

    The Stage
    Step one
    Mark out a rectangular opening on a cardboard box, add a scalloped trim to the top using the bottom of a cardboard tube, cut out the section, this will be the front of the Theatre. (ask for an adult’s help cutting)
    Step Two
    Using Paint or Paint markers colour in the top section on the theatre in stripes.
    Step Three
    Draw out and colour in mini bunting flags, cut out and stick to string.
    Step Four
    Draw and cut out your theatre sign.
    Step Five
    Cut two squares of fabric to be used as your theatre curtains and glue into place.
    Step Six
    Decorate your theatre with drawings and bunting and add your characters into place

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